Wednesday, June 15, 2011

♥ Precious memories makes us smile, Cherish it ♥

I know its really really been awhile since i post my entry, but tonight, i'm taking this chance to voice out something nice and memorable, not only to me but to all my childhood frens.. why? coz tonight is very special where all of us meet up in FB, chatting with each other, remembering back those memories that we've made during those time when we were young and crazy!!

All of us have already grown up, some already entering into the society, while some of us, like me, still waiting for their graduation to happen. Now, 24 years old, remembering those memories about 17years back when we were jz 7years old.. too precious to lose.. 

We laugh at the smallest joke and events happening those time, and all of us really are looking forward to the gathering... *hope it can really happen coz we miss each other too much already and there is a lot of catching up to do*

By the way, i've done my practical and already obtained my grade for it.. overjoyed!! haha... really a big thanks to everyone and also to my students for the cooperation that they give.. would never have done it better without them.. ^^

Right now, i'm doin nothing at home, but a job is waiting for me, that is becoming a baby sitter for my niece... how sweet is that?? haha.. can't wait though... ^^

Love, Cloudy Dreamer^^

Monday, February 7, 2011

1st entry in 2011

Chinese New Year just passed, and here i am in Klang, in becoming a trainee teacher in one of the school.. 1st day in school and i've already have the feeling of giving up to become a teacher.. WTH? Anyway, my passion was blown away by the experience that i faced when handling a relieve class.. thank you so much Form 1 Usaha..all of your stubbornness and  desire to talk non-stop and cant even listen to instruction just make me think back on the reason why i become a teacher. i guess i cant be one since i don have that fierce-teacher-image.. students aren't scared of me AT ALL!! what the...... (just fill in whatever vocabulary that came into your mind in that blank..  >.< ) ishhh... annoyed now...hate that feeling...

Going to receive a real timetable next week, so this week is just another bored, annoying week...full of relieve classes.. how sweet is that? other than that, the only thing that make me happy right now is that i'm in the afternoon session, which means i get to sleep longer and don't have to wake up that early. YIPPIE!!! fellow teacher and headmistress was very helpful and kind.. love it..

I hope everything will be a smooth sailing journey till the end of my practical, 20th may 2011!! ^^,

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thought of the day..

I viewed a picture of a girl in FB just now, she is not the girl that have perfect body shape and a good looking face, then i clicked the next picture of her standing next to her boyfriend, she is actually a very pretty girls, they looked perfect and lovely together! It amazed me so much that i reflect back on my boyfriend and me and a quote came to me, " I don't need anything nice on me 'coz i'm perfect just by being next to you.." How lovely is that?

I guess it's not too late to realize that the one beside you are actually THE ONE that are willing to go through all the ups and downs with you, although at times they might go against with what you want.

Don't ever take things for granted, it's the most precious gift that you can ever receive!! ♡

Peace & Love everyone!! ♥

Monday, August 30, 2010

Uni life~

The first time i set my foot on this Uni, i hate the feeling.. you know, when you are all alone in this kind of place for the 1st time, leaving home for such a long time, away from family, away from my hometown.. i kind of still hating that feeling because we, as the 1st year student have to stay in the hostel, yeah, forced to travel to campus by bus early in the morning (we have to fight for it just to get a ride to the campus!! how uncivilized those human beings that soon to be a teacher?? pushing each other without a sense of guilty and respect for other!!)  then only back to the hostel room when the night fall (just to avoid those uncivilized..

we settled in, got used to the inhumane life, met new friends and of course LOVE!! yup, at least it's the best thing that ever happen in this dull Uni life.. not so bad, until a RIVAL showed up claiming my LOVER for herself.. all i can say is WOW... this RIVAL is a story teller from what i can see, 'cause she dare not show up when we want to confront her.. as old people would always says, never be afraid if we do no wrong, so yeah, from this point, i know that this RIVAL is a big storyteller, BRAVO!! and a big applause to those that believe her and took pity on her and hate me for STEALING her lover..i can't say much here, because her believers only listen to ONE side of the story, they did not even bother to ask me about what really happen!! life's not fair, when you are UNLUCKY.. =_="
 i often thought that this thing only happens in movies, but from that point onwards, i learned to see the WORLD that we live in, it is full of real life DRAMAS and we are the ACTORS and ACTRESS in it!!

the reason why i wrote that long for the 2nd paragraph is because i want to keep it as a memory, as a lesson for me in future that there is no one that is pure enough to suit your taste. it's not that i still holding grudge towards that RIVAL, she have her own life to lead, own problems to deal with, but its because i sometimes still hope that it never happen before and that now we can be best friends, not enemy.. but its human nature to back off from the person that hurt us before and never accepting them back as a friend anymore, but i'm willing to try and hope that during that time, it wont be an awkward moment for both of us. ^^

now, in Sem 7, time does really fly!! really, many things have happened, communication problems among peers, misunderstanding, ups and downs in relationship. but life goes on and on. trying to grow up in every things i do, making decision as a young adult, being brave and able to speak out my thoughts. 

sad but true, i still cant forget a few things that happen, it really breaks my heart.. :'(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

✧Point of View✧

everyone has their own point of view, and sometimes it sucks to hear the truth from them as a viewer. yes.. it does hurt sometimes, but how far is the "word of wisdom" that came out of their mouth is actually the truth? ☹

a friend of mine once voice out her opinion on some product, and she seems to against it so much that it is such a waste of time explaining to her in the first place about it. but from the way she comments 'bout the product, it sound more like she just hear 'bout the downside/negative side of it from other people rather than experiencing it first hand! how interesting is that? i was like, "(○.◯) you wish then!!"

well, the moral of the story here is that, don't listen to others so easily and then spreading it and don't sound too professional without trying or experiencing something first. it would be such a humiliation if one day your flaw if challenged by others. if you still have doubts about that particular thing, test it out first yourself then only you have the power to speak out your opinion on it. ☺

❝the statements above is a personal, current experience combine with some thoughtful thoughts and it has no other means or any connection with those around me.
P.S: its just a part of my thinking and analytical thinking of what is happening around me.❞

have a great day ahead!! <◜◡◝>

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's been a while.

wow.. again.. i took such a long time to update my blog.. how inconsistent am i?? nvm, as long as i have the heart to blog, then it would b fine.. ^^

i've been MIA for almost 3months now, so many things have happened, ups and downs, activities, plans and many many more.. and now? tonnes of assignments to do, tests, programs, macroteaching and finally, the most ultimate work that needed to be completed, THESIS!!!! OMG!!! T.T

lets throw all of that aside for a while..lets talk about my holiday trip!! yes.. i cant wait for it.. its gonna be on the 8th-12th of September, YAY!! ^^ but hopefully, i wont over spend it.. >.< (finger's crossing)

tonight, I'm gonna start using detox foot patch.. YES!! i wish to detoxify my body.. i have trouble sleeping all the time and end up feeling tired the next day.. hopefully it will give me a good result..

till then!! >.<

Monday, May 17, 2010


well..its been almost 2 months since i've updated my blog.. assignments, reports, n finals been tough.. n recently, i jz got back from my vacation to Redang and Perhentian... very nice indeed.. miss that place so so much.. went snorkeling and got to hold baby turtle for the first time.. so so cute and fragile.. i was afraid that i might drop it...but luckily, i didn't.. ^^

bout the,is the word that i can say.. its felt so magical yet with a tint of thrill as i was floating in the water facing downwards into the clear blue sea.. its so deep and scary, but i was glad that the life jacket is secured to my body.. the corals, colorful fishes with various sizes and the long black sea cucumber all over the sea bed.. really is a magical feeling.. i hope i am able to capture the picture of all the moments that i've experience, but i am glad that i am able 2 capture and keep it in my memory..

i will always remember this trip and all those experience that i had.. really miss it so much... ^^ my skin got darker due to this trip, but its all worth it.. still manage to look sweet by the sea though... *wink*