Wednesday, June 15, 2011

♥ Precious memories makes us smile, Cherish it ♥

I know its really really been awhile since i post my entry, but tonight, i'm taking this chance to voice out something nice and memorable, not only to me but to all my childhood frens.. why? coz tonight is very special where all of us meet up in FB, chatting with each other, remembering back those memories that we've made during those time when we were young and crazy!!

All of us have already grown up, some already entering into the society, while some of us, like me, still waiting for their graduation to happen. Now, 24 years old, remembering those memories about 17years back when we were jz 7years old.. too precious to lose.. 

We laugh at the smallest joke and events happening those time, and all of us really are looking forward to the gathering... *hope it can really happen coz we miss each other too much already and there is a lot of catching up to do*

By the way, i've done my practical and already obtained my grade for it.. overjoyed!! haha... really a big thanks to everyone and also to my students for the cooperation that they give.. would never have done it better without them.. ^^

Right now, i'm doin nothing at home, but a job is waiting for me, that is becoming a baby sitter for my niece... how sweet is that?? haha.. can't wait though... ^^

Love, Cloudy Dreamer^^

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